I am researching new double din Nav radio's. I would like to replace my stock head unit at the same time I do my other upgrades to the sound system. My wife has a Kenwood DNX6990 (I think that is the one she has) so I am some what familar with that radio. What I am interested in is other makes and models. What you like/dislike about them. Yes I know this is a subjective question but who would know better about specific model flaws better than someone who owens one? The options I would like to keep are my steering wheel controls, bluetooth, USB, and XM. Other than what came from the factory I would also like Nav (preferably Garmin) and a DVD player. That would be for the CFO while on trips. I figure I throw a Harry Potter DVD in and she won't complain about my driving. Although the dogs get sick when she is driving not while I am. But anyways any suggestions would be appreciated.