I just bought a 2004 Chevy Avalanche Z66 and went to the gas station for the first time with my Ava. I waited and waited before filling up my truck because I didn't want to mix different type's of octane gas because I have no clue what octane of gas the dealer put in it. So I waited until my gas gauge was on E and my Low Fuel light came on. I went home and did a few things "took about an hour" then went to the gas station. When I got to the station I put some GumOut fuel octane booster and Carb/Fuel Injector cleaner and put it into my gas tank before I filled up my truck. I looked how big my gas tank was and it says it is a 31 gallon gas tank but I couldn't even pump 21 gallons and my fuel gauge didn't go all the way to F it was just shy of it tho. I went to the same gas station that I always got to when I am in my town so I don't understand why it wouldn't fill it all the way up.

Gas Station Receipt.

Date 10/03/12 18:12
GALLONS: 20.838
PRICE/G: $3.599
FUEL Sale: $75:00