Hi guys am new to site but am sure there is good advice on the is forum.

My issue is with my 2003 Chevy Silverado 4.3 V6 regular cab 4x4 with 4 speed auto transmission.

Came home from work friday shut off truck ran in house came back out not 5 minutes later and starter wouldn't roll over. All lights radio etc, work.

Battery has good juice, cant find any blown fuses. Spent today replacing Neutral/safety start switch and the starter- to my dismay no change.

Where to go from here before I haul her in to the stealer for service? Oh and almost forgot on way home the service engine light came on but truck was

running fine, I think just a coincidence, it has done this before(light) after putting in fuel, retighten gas cap and it would go out.

Any ideas would be appreciated.