Title says it all. Here is the history.
I had been having trouble getting my truck to start. 1997 Chevy Cheyenne 4.3 V6.
I forget the codes but they read "lean"
I changed my fuel pressure regulator on Friday 10/5/12
At that time I decided to clean out my EGR valve.
upon start up it ran terrible. Before it was just a hard time starting it. Now it runs pretty bad.
I assumed I killed the EGR valve when I cleaned it so I bought a new one. Same problem.
When I attempted to check the plugs, I broke a plug wire. So it has new plugs and wires.
Today I stripped everything back down to the fuel spider and fuel pressure regulator to check for leaks. Figured I knocked something loose maybe. No leaks. Everything was dry.
Put everything back together, crossed my fingers and it still runs rough.
I took it on a trip. The truck idles fine. When I accelerate it bogs down. If I try to rev the engine it bogs down. Even with cruise control on climbing a hill it bogs down.
Fuel pressure regulator
EGR valve
plugs and wires

Runs very sluggish.