Purchased a 1995 c3500 dualy pickup w/115,000 miles, a couple of months ago. We pull a 3 horse gooseneck trailer with it and it does that with ease. The passenger outside door handle stopped working although the inside handle will open the door. I bought a new handle and went to a truck salvage yard to buy another tailgate (I crunched the tailgate that came with the truck... too painful to tell you how I did that) and while at the salvage yard, I asked to see the inside of the door of a similar chevy truck so I could figure out how to replace the door handle. That was very helpful and I was ready to replace the handle myself. Took the truck to the body shop to have the replacement tailgate painted and they offered to install the handle for free so I jumped on that. Well the tailgate looks amazing, but the problem was not the door handle, they said it was the latch or linkage so my pass door still has the problem. I have been searching online for info about replacing the latch and or linkage, but no luck.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I thought I would ask other chevy truck owners for some "been there, done that" guidance. By the by, I had the truck bed sprayed with a "Ray-Shield" bed liner and the liner comes up over the rails of the bed. Looks amazing and should protect the bed from all the use we give it. It dropped a few years off the truck.

My husband is gone for the next 3 days, so I would like to fix the latch before he gets back, hope that is doable.