I found this forum looking for a DIY for my 5.7 Vortec intake manifold gasket. Found a great one, and liked the caliber of the posts here. Looks like a great and knowledgeable group.

I'm the original owner of a 98 Chevy K1500 suburban, 160K+ miles. Been nursing a leaking radiator for a few weeks. Got hot a couple of times, but not in red zone or boil over. Topped up periodically with H2O. Last week I checked the oil and it was a gruesome mud color and read high on the dipstick. Had the manifold gasket done at the Chevy dealer 100K ago. They advised its something of a maintenance item. At $750 then its a big of a sting.

Changed oil, got a new radiator, being tight for cash tried a little Bar's Head Gasket Fix...to no avail. On running it new oil turned a lighter shade of mud - more yellow than tan. I hope its an intake manifold and not head gasket. Intake manifold is a bit of a challenge, but head gaskets are over my head. At 160k+ the expense of having it done might be better applied to a new crate engine or long block. Looking to keep it stock, but considering a 383 upgrade. Only concern is tranny's ability to take the added torque. Again original with a slight front seal drip.

If you don't feed and shoe the mule she'll quit working.

Glad to find a good web resource for GM trucks.