So tomorrow I will finally be able to pull the axle out and inspect it and see if there is a groove or pitting where the axle sits and try and clean it.

On a little side note part of the problem is I may be overfilling the rear end (9.5" 14-bolt). I didnt see a capacity in my manual when I looked so went with the old school fill to a little under the bottom of the fill hole. With the pinion angle and all this takes just under 4 quarts. I have been searching to try and find actual capacity and in a couple places it lists the capacity for the 9.5" as being 2.75 quarts (5.5 pints). If that is accurate then I am putting over a quart too much in and I know this can cause leaks. If that is the case I really wish that haynes would put that capacity in with the other capacities listed.

Any one else who can verify this capacity amount?