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    I would always go with the bigger motor, First better power, 2nd better resale, 3rd If you do need to tow something larger then you will be happy. 4th Those that get the smaller motor always end up trying to get more power and spending more money for it then they were saving in MPG's..Not worth it..
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    6.0 for the world, the 5.3 doesn't get but maybe 5mpg better and it's weak. You wouldn't be dissappointed, until you pay for the gas guzzler tax and then you might be surprised.
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    all three of my trucks have had the 5.3. i love that engine!

    having said that, my brother had a extended cab 4.8 4x4 and hated it. he likes his new 5.3 crew 4x4 much better.


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    Eh, I have an '01 4.8L that only makes 270HP, if that, considering its age. If the new 4.8L puts out 302HP, get it. I know I would. It puts out more HP/torque than the old 4.8s and cost less (both at purchase and long-term fuel cost) than the 5.3L. You'll have to ask yourself if the over-all additional cost of a 5.3L is really worth it for only gaining 13HP. To me, it's not.

    Bigger ain't better with today's gas prices!
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    Problem with going with a 4.8L is that they are usually in the lower line truck. If you want more bells and whistles the 5.3L comes along with them. Also it looks like the 4.8L engine does NOT get the 6 speed automatic.

    With that being said, the 4.8L and the 5.3L get the same fuel economy, so get the 5.3L if you can afford it.

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    That's not always the case, stchman. My 2001 LS has every option you could get in an 2001 model. Only things it's missing are leather seats and 4WD.

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    Another way to look at it (and I am going to use a different vehicle as an example). My parents had a 1998 camry. They got it with the 4 cylinder engine because they wanted the MPG boost for daily commutes to work.e

    It was a great car.

    The minute you put 4 adults in it and load the trunk with luggage for a trip and try to take the 7% grades going through the mountains, you begin to wonder if that 4 cylinder (under load) is going to 1. make it up 4 miles of 7% grade with 4 adults and all their luggage for a 2 week trip, and if it doesn't make it, are you going to start rolling backwards down 3000ft of freeway, or over heat the breaks trying to hold position were you are....

    They replaced it with the 6 cylinder camry (newer model) and take trips all the time and you don't feel like the car is going to fall apart under load. The MPG's is about the same (being a newer model) on the V6, but you have piece of mind also.

    I am not going to say the 4.8L vortec is a bad engine, because its not. But may not realize how much difference the 5.3L will make over the long term for (over 10-13 years of ownership) if you keep your vehicles that long will make.

    if its a car and it has anything less than a performance v6 then I don't look at it and at that point, a small v8 is the better choice.

    In a truck, I would really avoid the smallest v8, and you may not need the 6.0 or 6.2L.

    I don't know what all you plan on using the truck for over the term of ownership, and that is something you have to take a serious look at before deciding on one engine or the other.

    Also, other's said resale value.......

    The percentage of people that buy 4.8L's buy them intending on keeping them long term, no one wants one used (or the market is really small). 5.3L have the largest market, followed by the 6.xL gas and duramaxes because those are smaller markets again and people that buy 6.xL or dmaxes usually buy them and keep them long term. Long term meaning 10+ years.
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    wow, thanks for all the great input guys..... for now im still driving my 1990 silverado 4x4, sicne it is still running good.
    when i do go for a new one, im leaning toward the 5.3.
    thanks again....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRPLXL2 View Post
    6.0 for the world, the 5.3 doesn't get but maybe 5mpg better and it's weak. You wouldn't be dissappointed, until you pay for the gas guzzler tax and then you might be surprised.
    I remember when pickup truck engines with 250HP were considered crazy power. Now 315HP is "weak". I find that the 5.3L has more than enough power to move the Silverado in the direction you need it to go.

    FYI, the 6.0L is only offered on the HD models now. If you want a larger engine in a 1500, the 6.2L is the engine of choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McClintoc View Post
    That's not always the case, stchman. My 2001 LS has every option you could get in an 2001 model. Only things it's missing are leather seats and 4WD.
    The 2001 is an NBS, the NNBS is a different story.

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    This is my second 4.8L LS trim....first a 2008, now a 2012.

    I wish I had gone with the 5.3 with LT trim and the 6-speed instead of the 4-speed it has.

    Adding a DiabloSport Trinity gave me the power I was looking for, but still think I should have gone with the 5.3 in the first time I guess.

    ....although, with these recent 5.3L AFM problem threads....maybe I'm better off?
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    2012 Silverado 1500 LS Crew Cab 4.8L 4x4
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