i have started to look at a new silverado..... in the event i can swing the payments, i see in the 4.8L v8's have 302hp with 305lbs torque @ 4600rpm, and the 5.3L has 315hp with 335lbs torque @ 4000rpm...
is there a noticable difference with the bigger engine ?
and likes, dislikes about either of the engines ? pro's and con's ?
thanks for the help guys.
i looking to get either the extended cab short box or the 4 door short box, since the wheelbase on them both are the same, just a shorter bed in the 4 door model.
just wouldnt want to be under powered... the only thing i would pull is a small 14ft aluminum jon boat, so not really using the truck to tow anything..... just wanted your thoughts on what motor is best.