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Thread: Engine trouble

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    Default Engine trouble

    Hi all, I have a 95' K1500 w/305. I am currently having issues with it not starting or being hard to start and not having power under a load, i.e, going up hills, hard acceleration, etc. Things i have checked or done:
    Fuel Pressure: Check and is ok
    Spark: Checked, had a yellow spark, replaced the coil, got a blue spark, that took care of the hard start, no start. it starts up and idles great now.
    Fuel injectors: Looked at em, yep its spraying fuel.
    Plugs and wires: Replaced today
    Cap and Rotor: New
    Egr Valve: I believe this may be the culprit, it seems to be actuating but it seems to be not holding vacuum, if i depress the inside and hold my finger over the inlet, it leaks down.
    IAC: took out cleaned, seems to be working properly.
    TPS: Checked with an OHMS meter and am getting varying reading when moving the throttle.
    Vacuum Leaks: Checked all lines, found the PCV valve inlet to the throttle body broke, fixed still same issue.

    I can rev the engine up when its in park all i want, no issues, the problems start when i put it in gear and push to pedal to go normally sometimes it will die but i can keep it running, if i take off real slow it will eventually pick up speed. Going up a hill is the same way, i press the pedal down hard and it acts like it wants to die, but if i let up, and go real slow i can barely get it to go. If i "flutter" the pedal i can get it to pick up speed.
    I am pretty mechanically inclined but this has got me boggled.
    Any other ideas? THanks for your time.

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    Did you try the fuel filter?? I see you checked the pressure but thats not necessarily going to indicate if your getting enough volume for acceleration ect. Just a thought.

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    Yes, the fuel filter was replaced maybe 2 months ago. I am not getting any codes either, I was wondering if my the TPS was going bad, I can rev the piss out of as long as it is not in gear, thats when the problems start.

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    Not sure what could cause that since you covered the basics. If your CEL is not on then you might need to have it put on a computer that can monitor live data. Only other thing I can think of is if your fuel pump screen is slightly plugged but thats a PITA to just look at.

    Also make sure that you checked the fuel pressure when driving. Ive seen at times the pressure fine at key on engine off and at an idle but then drops off under load.

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    Yeah, it has got me stumped, and its probably something simple, its going to the shop in the morning to have the computer put on it. Thank you for your help and quick reply.

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    Just rebuilt my TBI, new injectors, gaskets, seals. No change. Im still leaning towards a faulty EGR valve, has anyone ever had one go bad, and what were the symptoms?

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