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    Default 2009 chevy 1500 4x4 4.8L 8cyl POWER issues

    I have a 2009 chevy 1500 4x4 4.8 I bought it brand new. At 2,000 miles Onstar road side service put diesel in it, instead of gas. Ever since that day I've had problems. I'm not sure if that is what has caused my future issues. It has been in the shop 6-9 times 9 (would need to verfiy): new catylic converter, throttle acceltero (not rally sure about that), new injectors, new cylinders, new spark plugs , A/C not blowing cold air, bad gas milage, and it wouldnt even back a empty 12ft U-haul up my small hill driveway.(service manager stated, "the curb is blocking your front tire) Oh, and it cost around $800 for new rear drums.

    I now have 78,000 miles on it, all HWY. I neve use the 4wd. My extended warranty went out at 75,000 miles. Before 75,000 miles this bell ringing noise started in passenger side dash and has gotten really bad. the dealership said, "they can't find it and it's not covered under my warranty and it would cost between $2.00-$600.00 to locate the issue. I did put a mud tire on the truck and they blamed the tire for the rattle/bell noise, but the noise was there before the mud tires. And the only reason for the mud tires is: I go down heavy SB2 rock everyday with my job.

    can any of you experts shed some lights on:
    1. loss of power starting off (this is even without a trailer)
    2. bell nosie (and if the A/C isn't on then sometimes you don't hear the noise)
    3. and overall imcompentence of dealership
    4. should I be having all these issues

    I'm all ears. If someone wants to call me that would be great also!! 501.454.2943

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    Well, the wrong fuel will cause all of the early problems that you experienced. A$$-holes

    1- IDK, not sufficient info

    2- This is just me, but can you not locate the "bell noise" yourself? If it appears to be AC related, it is probably from the blower fan. It is in a housing behind the glove box. Maybe a stick, but probably a small animal has built a nest inside the fan housing.

    3- your on your own, we all have dealer problems.

    4- other than the fuel mix-up problems, the rest of the list is not that long

    '09 Avalanche LTZ - Black
    '05 Envoy XL (sold)

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    It isn't a stick or animal that has built a nest around the fan housing! I looked! How can I determine if my truck is produceing the pulling or start off power that is should have? Yesterday, I was pulling my 15ft alum duck boat up a concrete cor of engineer ramp on the AR river. The truck wouldnt pull it up the hill. I had to get my honda 300 atv to pull the boat and truck up ramp!! that isnt common~!!!

    Any other suggestion? Thanks again for your helpful responses!!!

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