Well, I did some thinking about it and I went and sat in that truck again. I've got mixed thoughts about this.

Why I want a lower trim level
First off, I'm looking for a lower trim level, this is so I can add accessories myself. I'll talk about this in the other thread I started on this topic.

Reasons For NOT wanting a floor-shift 4WD.
Really, 95% of the time I do not need 4WD. When I need it will be 1) bad weather, 2) when I start to look for land out of the city to build a homestead on, 3) going on vacation up in the mountains a couple of weeks each year, 4) we plan on getting into more stuff next year like camping, boating, etc. That will take me to places off the beaten path more. So, the idea of a push-button or rotational-dial 4WD 4x4 selector means that I get that floorspace back.

Reasons For wanting the floor-shift 4WD.
Well, just because it is manual and if I do decide to do more off-roading in the future ... which may be a real possibility, then I'll just have to reach down and throw it into gear. I've read antidotes from people on both sides of the issues on this so there can be failure in both systems, but they're rare in post-2001 Silverados. However, there are less parts and electronic components that can possibly fail with a manual system.

Thoughts on upgrading later?
In theory, if I got a less-expensive and less-equipped truck, say a WT work truck with all power options except for the 4WD selector. Wouldn't you think that if leg and foot space really did become an issue that I would be able to buy the parts to turn it into an electronic 4WD system? I'll check with my people at the GM Dealerships that I go to ... and I could be hopelessly naive on this, maybe it takes a module or controller upgrade, I don't know. Essentially they're the same systems except there is a solenoid system that is activated by the dial (and a module I'm sure) that will control the transfer between 2WD N 4HI and 4LO.