Hey, I want to start working on some calendars that feature the rides here on GMtruckclub.com. I have a feeling these are going to take some time so I want to get started to hopefully have them done by end of January. I plan on making maybe 4 or 5 of them and listing them for sale on cafepress.com. The same site that currently holds the logo t-shirts. I have to make different stores for each one becuase in order to have multiple items you have to pay a monthly fee for your store which I really don't wanna do. So anyways I was thinking more then 12 people would like to have their rides featured on a full color calendar. So we could have 1 for silverado's and sierra's of different years and styles. 1 for the little guys s-10's/canyons/colorado's. 1 for Suv's, your burbans, tahoes and so forth. An old school calendar. I've seen some pretty awesome classics on here and finally for the offroaders. I'll need large size good quality pictures of your rides. I plan on having your username at the top and a list of modifications on the bottom but not interferring with the pic of your ride. I've inlisted the help of 2 other members to help with the design and layout to give me a hand. I'll be making threads in the other forums to post your pics.

Now just a couple more things. If your truck doesn't get featured I'm sorry. We have over 13000 members, many with multiple rides and there's only spots for 48-60 of them. I figured that's better then only 12. I might make single calendars for those who didn't get chosen but really want one of their truck.

Again this will take time, so take some good quality photo's if you don't already have them and post them in the designated threads. If I left anything out I'll update later and if you have questions go ahead and ask .

P.S bye the way i'm still working on the decals. I'm having someone work on them right now so that I can see some of the finished products. Don't have an ETA yet but i'm workin on it.

Thanks, Kris