Hey guys, I am willing to bet there's going to be a lot of people stumped like me on this one. The other day I took my truck in to have the blower motor replaced, since it wasn't blowing any air unless I was in motion. Never blew hot though. The garage tested and determined the ECU or ECM was out, whatever tells the blower which speed to blow, which brings me to my issue. Now I have heat which I am very grateful for since it's starting to get cold outside but for some unknown reason I only get heat coming out of the passenger side vents!! All vents are blowing now, but the drivers side vents (all of them) only blow outside temperature air. I am bamboozled! I asked the garage that replaced the unit and they had no idea, ASE Certified mechanics had NO IDEA! Somebody help! lol. Oh if it matters, my truck is a 05 1/2 Ton Silverado with the Vortec 5.3.