I've owned the truck since 2008

1. Its noisy. On the highway, the air noise is almost to loud for conversation. The dealership said "thats how an SUV is." Hubbys' "other suv" is not like that. But its smaller. Do I need new seals? They look good, still soft & firm, no cracking. What about those add on vent cover things for windows? Usually in a smoke color? will they cut down on noise with the windows up?

2. Sometimes when I start the truck and the AC is on, I hear a BRRAAAAAPPPDDDDTT!!!! sound. wth is that?

3. If the truck is hot, and I fill the tank, it will over flow. Drives me nuts. I have to stand at my window with the key in and turned to watch the gauge go up so I can shut off the pump at the just before full mark. WHY does it do this?

4. I have a rattle under the dash. I fixed it. The rattle comes from where two pieces of dash meet directly under the steering wheel. I don't know what broke, fell out, wore out to create this noise but so far, a folded up monthly grocery receipt for a family of 5 stops the noise. Its better than the kids soccer sock and smells better. Is there something else I should do? Is it indicative of a bigger issue? A leader of a different problem?

5. Best shocks for a smooth ride. EVERYONE has a different opinion. Stiffer shocks, softer shocks, $$$$$ shocks. We live in the country on a rocky road but I mostly do paved street driving. Watching my passengers hang onto the grab bars and ask if its always this rough is making me feel bad! haha

6. flaking paint or wax on the roof? Right in front, dead center of the windshield. WTH do I do to fix that? The rest of the paint is fine. I'm trying to save up the cash for a detail shop to have a look at it, but I'm not confident with our local guy. he looked at it and I got a "I dunno why it did that" response from him and a "maybe we can make it look better." UGH.

Ok thats enough for now.