I was on my way to work last nite when i can around a curve to hit a downed power line that was knocked down by another person that flipped and rolled their car just minutes before i came through. Lucky the person was ok. Just banged up and was taken away in the ambulance just as a precaution. I had turned back around to warn on coming traffic with my flashers on in the middle of the road. Thats when i noticed my drivers side mirror was shattered and i saw i had big smudges from the power line hitting the windshield. I hung around to get my incident report for my insurance. I had heard about there being a fluid in those mirrors that could ruin paint and plastic. I didnt see anything leaking so i took off to work. When i got off i inspected for futher damage and saw that stuff had sprayed all down the side of my truck ....paint, window, cladding. I took it straight to my body shop. And he insisted i take it to a local guy that does detailing and have him start work on it now. I am so glad i did it saved my paint and my cladding. Here i was worried about my truck when my friends and family informs me that i could have gotten killed by the power lines last nite. Thank God he was taking care of me to let me come back home safe to my family!

I wanted to inform others that have auto dimming mirror if uyou have one to break remove it as soon as possible before and dont drive like i did qith it busted because you dont see it leaking.
God bless!