My current truck's (in sig) bed is in very bad shape. The whole right side is smashed in, the left side has major scratches and half of the tailgate has had its clear coat stripped. I am wondering if it would be cheaper to buy a whole bed, if I can find one, rather than taking it to a body shop for repairs and paint. So, I am looking for an entire bed.

The bed must be:
6ft long (short bed, I think it's 6.5ft to be technical)
1999 to 2006 body style (taillights do not matter)
damage free
maroon color

I would like it to be a step-side bed but I'll take a fleet-side if that's all I can find.

It does not have to have taillights, as those will be replaced with LEDs anyway, nor a bedliner of any sort.

I am willing to pay cash and pick it up within a 300 mile radius of the DFW area.

Let me know what you've got! Thanks!