I have an 2008 torrent with a hard start issue. Sometimes it starts fine. After driving and parking for 10-20 minutes it will crank and not start. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it to start. The dealer replaced the fuel pump under warranty. I cleaned the TBI and ran a few bottles of injector cleaner thru (directed to by the dealer) it still does the same thing. It started in June and is progressively getting worse. The dealer now wants to charge me $100 an hour to figure out what is wrong with it and sell me a $100 induction cleaning service! Oh, and they tried to sell me a battery because it is an 2008 and the battery is still original, But they never tested it. The adviser said that it could be anything from a bad EGR valve to a warped Throttle Body. (all covered under warranty) I don't really care what it is, I just want it fixed and my warranty honored. It has 65,000 miles and is still covered under power train warranty until December. I can't see them charging me to figure it out as I see a non starting engine as a powertrain issue. I told them that if they think there is not an issue give me the service managers home phone number so when my pregnant wife gets stuck with our 2 young kids at 10:00 pm she can call him to come get her. Of course they would not oblige. Just pay the couple hundred for them to figure it out is what the adviser told me. I wish GM would just fix the problem before my warranty runs out.