So the boot on my driver side has been leaking fluid and it is getting worse. I took the truck in for a balance and alignment and they showed it to me and it is leaking more than last time I was in. I can keep topping off the power steering fluid for a while , but at some point its going to need to be rebuilt/replaced.

Merchants told me a replace would cost less and take less time (labor) because they come in a few pieces vs a rebuild where they would have to take mine apart and rebuild it.

They quoted me $392.99 for the part and 9 "units" of labor totaling $209 for labor. I went ahead and ran by the dealership next (so I could get the GM part numbers and see what I could get the parts for (doing that today).

The thing is I have never replaced a rack and pinion..... So I would like all the info I can get so I am not surprised by something if I do it myself or can recruit a friend or 2 to help me do it.

Are there any special tools I would need also if I am not taking the thing apart, but buying new parts and swaping out the old ones?