I took my truck in for a broken drivers side door handle, and my service advisor stated that there was a recall for a "transmission dipstick tube fracture". He advised me that the recall basically corrects the problem of of the dipstick breaking a weld and allowing it to be loose (by loose I do not mean removed from the transmission, just a lot of play) in the engine bay. If anybody is having this problem, I've typed the service ticket which includes the recall number and part number.

"Perform recall #12138 Transmission Dipstick Tube Fracture
V2644 Install Foam sleeve on transmission dipstick per recall
FC: Part # 24262134"

I noticed quite a few threads about this and I hope it helps someone.
I did get my door handle fixed and see that it is a common problem. My service advisor explained that this is a common problem also, but that the painted handle assemblies were less prone to breaking.

Be safe.