I'm selling my factory head unit out of my 2005 Chevy Silverado. It's a CD player/radio/cassette combo. The truck has the Bose audio system in it so I'm not sure if that means there is a difference between this stereo and and a truck without the Bose setup.

The stereo does have a couple of problems though. First off, it won't load or eject a CD. When you push the CD in, it will begin to accept it but when the disc is almost all the way in it stops where it is and the unit continues to make the noise like it's trying to load it in still. I've pushed it in farther with a credit card and it still would load correctly. Ejecting is also a problem. After forcing the disc in and hitting eject, the unit tries to eject it but after getting the CD barely out, the disc stops coming out and the unit makes the noise like its still trying to eject it but to no avail. I used some small needle nose pliers to get it the rest of the way out. I've only had the truck for a few months and this problem was present when I bought it. Therefore, I have no clue if it will play a CD if loaded properly or not. It may be a simple fix such as some small part coming off of a track or it may be worse.

The other problem is minor in that the "Band" button and the button directly to the right of it (which I never use and can't recall what it is for) don't light up with the headlights on.

Aside from those two issues (and never testing the cassette deck either) it works great. It picks up stations very well, all the buttons work, and it sounds great. It has very little button wear as well.

Just let me know if you might be interested in purchasing it. As it is now, I'd like to get $70 for it. I plan on getting an aftermarket to replace it within the week so if no one gets it before then I'll probably try to fix the CD loading problem on my own after I remove it and repost it if I can get it working properly.