I have a 2004 Chevy Avalanche z66 with all the cladding on it. It is my daily driver and is all stock and I am a avid hunter and fisherman, I also do a lot of camping. "real camping, no travel trailer or RV, no electricity only water, sleep in a tent with just a sleeping bag.

Here lately I have been doing a lot of varmint, coyote, and hog hunting here lately. "Varmint are small animals like skunks, raccoon's, foxes, etc. I do a lot of off roading and am wanting to do a lot of mods to my truck but not sure what type of products I really need and I don't have very much experience with mods. I am only 19 and don't have that much money to spend on name brands.

I hope I'm not asking for to much help but I really have no clue what products are good since there are so many out there and lots of them are there just for the money.

List of mods I am wanting to do to my truck.
New headlights for maximum coverage.
Lift and leveling kit.
Rims and wheels. Hoping to get BF Good-wrench all terrain tires
New Fog lights for maximum coverage and on while on High Beams, saw a thread about this the other day.
K&N filters
A deep but not to loud exhaust.
Some type of brush guard/ranch hand/ bull bumper so I can push down small trees without worry.