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    Default Engine Trouble....on a 1997" with a 5.7 Liter

    i have a 97 chevy k1500 with the 5.7 i changed the plugs,wires,cap and rotor truck running really rough you can smell fuel in the oil and very heavy at the motor. i have changed plugs twice cylinder 5 and 7 the plug is wet covered in fuel and and cylinder 6 is fouled out. i don't know if i have a injector stuck open or if maybe the fuel pressure regulator have any thing to do with it i am at a stand still i don't want to drive it because i don't want to screw it up more than what it already is. but it is my only transportation. any advice would help thanks.

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    With 3 of 8 cylinders showing signs of fouling, I would not think injectors first -- seems unlikely to have multiple injectors get stuck open at the same time. My first thought would be a regulator issue. With a flashlight and a mirror, look down the throttle body for raw fuel in the intake (indicating that the diaphragm in the regulator is ruptured). You might also put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see if the system is running at too high of pressure or if the system holds pressure when the pump is off.
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    i believe it is mpi

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    i will have to check that out thanks for the advice i am changing the intake gasket this weekend i will take a look and replace i know i used a 1/4 tank of gas within 7 miles so it is getting worse

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