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    Default 92 Burban w/350 idling alittle rough

    bought a 92 burban with a 350 with 195,000 miles on the body and about 20,000 on the newer motor. it sat for about 8 months to a yr. before i got the chance to start it up. checked the tranny flu. and oil flu. tranny flu was alittle low, so i added some qt's. the oil looked ok. also the gas was very low,so i also added some [1/2 tank]. while out driving sat. after noon after checking everthing and letting it run alittle,it started to idle rought and while driving it started to run rough. like it wanted to shut down. anyone have any idea's? after getting back home i checked somethings, everything checked out good,but the air filter was nasty[needs to e changed]. i'm thinking it could be fuel pump,fuel filter,air filter,sencer of some type. thank you for anyone willing to help.

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    Could be a lot of things, do the basics first that should be done to any vehicle that sits for an extended period.

    Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, change oil, gas & air filter, smell trany fluid. If it was quarts low you may have a burnt trany. Smell the fluid, if it smells like burnt almonds it is most likely in need of a rebuild.

    On the rough idle it could be something as simple as a loose plug wire.

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    If it acted as if it was starving for fuel, that fuel filter might not have been changed in a while. You can always see what comes out of it. (backwards).
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    84fiero123. you have a good point.but you talk about smelling the tranny oil, are you talking about after it runs after awhile smell it? thank you. holy smoke thank you

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    I think, anytime, it should smell like burnt almonds. (hold one, let me go burn some almonds).

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