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    Default might have made a mistake...

    I just removed my distributor on my truck and was in a rush and FORGOT to mark my rotor for installation of the new distributor. Long story but i wont be installing it till tomorrow or later anyway because i was warrantying this one out for being possibly defective, so my truck is sitting till the part comes in to advance auto parts. Ive done this before and marked the rotor and installed perfectly on my first try, i dont know where my head was when i removed it and forgot to mark the rotor. So other then trial and error putting the new one in, is there a more effective method for reinstalling my new distributor? same AC delco as before
    2000 Chevrolet Silverado

    4.3L V6, 4L60E, 2WD, Single Cab
    Airaid CAI
    Poweraid TB Spacer
    Flowmaster 10-series exhaust (dumped)
    Edge CS insight monitor
    4.10 gears
    Limited-slip differential
    LS-1 Dual Electric fans
    Corvette tranny servo swap

    Head Unit: Alpine
    Speakers: Alpine SPR-60C 6.5" component set, 4X6 Infinity Kappas
    Subs: 2-12" Kicker CVT's
    Amps: Alpine-M1000 (subs), Alpine MRX-F65 (Speakers)

    305/70R16 NITTO Terra Grapplers
    16" PROCOMP 7089's
    2" leveling kit
    3" Fabtech Spindle Lift Kit
    Front/Rear-Bilstein 5100 shocks

    35W HID Low Beams
    RECON LED smoked roof cab lights
    HELLA LED taillights and 3rd brakelight
    HELLA FF-75 Aux. Reverse Lamps
    RIGID dually D2, flush mount, wide beam
    Hawk HPS Brake pads
    Russell braided steel brake lines
    Powerstop-red powdercoated brake calipers
    Powerslot Cryo brake rotors
    EGR in-channel window visors

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    When faced with this situation I bring cylinder one up on the compresion stroke and then line up the timing mark on the fly wheel at zero. Put in distributor with rotor pointing at the number one wire position. I have used my finger over the plug hole to determine compression stroke and also my compression gauge and watch for bump in pressure to determine when on compression stroke. Or you could do the trial and error by lining up the timing mark and installing without checking and you would have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. If not then rotate one revolution and line up marks again and your good to go.
    2000 GMC YUKON SLT, 5.3L tow pkg, G80 rear/w 3.73 gear

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    well if there are 13 splines on the bottom of the distributor, doesnt that mean i have a 1 in 13 chance of guessing it right? lol seems like its gonna eat a good day away :/

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    Hadn't considered that aproach.

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    this is proving to be a huge pain in the arse, i dont think my approach is effective, because i have to bolt everything up and put the intake back on with the MAF, and it is very time consuming, it seems im getting nowhere :/ already spent 5 hours on it.
    and the top dead center seems to be difficult for me to find, i cranked until air stopped pushing out of cylinder 1 and assumed that was TDC put the rotor in the "6" position like instructed and still didnt start up, any more suggestions?

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    When the air is pushing out of the number one cylinder it is coming up and on the compression stroke. You need to stop turning over as soon as you detect it and do your best to not go past top dead center. No biggie if you do. At this point the timing marks on the fly wheel should be close to the stationary reference, maybe a bit past or not quite to it. Now rotate the flywheel to the zero degree mark in the direction that is closest, forward if you are before TDC or back if you went past it. Now piston is at top dead center and you can put your distributer in with the rotor pointing to the number one plug wire on the cap. You will be able to move the distributer to advance or retard the timing as needed. Take note of rotation of rotor and firing order and be sure they match up in the direction of the rotor. As I have said earlier, you can line up the timing marks and install. If it does not fire then rotate the crank ONE revolution back to Zero and try again. It is at TDC on the compression stroke every other revolution. If it still doese not fire then I would start looking elswhere for a problem.

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    correct me if im wrong, but isnt the timing on the 4.3 UNadjustable??? i believe the computer controls it, thats why its all about how you put the distributor in. also i never saw any white marks or marks of any sort that would indicate adjustable timing or any kind of degree marks

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    got it fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WOO HOO! Drive on.

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