Before I start, I'll give you a little info on myself.

My name is shane, I live in enfield CT, I'm 18 (almost 19) and have a 1997 chevy s10 LS 2.2 5 speed, has a cold air intake, and other little mods to squeeze as much HP/TQ as I can out of her. Well, my family has mostly had fords (taurus's, escorts, tempos, mostly small to midsize cars) and I know them pretty well. I always considered myself a "Ford guy" but never really owned one. All the cars were great to us btw. My grandfather past away a few months ago and left his truck to my stepdad (his son) while my stepdad cannot drive a standard and has no desire to, he gave it to me as my "first" car. (although I owned 2 cars before but didn't have my license) this was my first vehicle I put on the road. After bonding with it I have noticed little things that chevy does that make them fantastic in my eyes. And after joining a forum of chevy truck owners, I have noticed how many miles you guys put on your GM's without much work. A guy from my church has a 2001 version of my truck and has 210k miles on it with just oil changes and simple maintenance. And it still runs like brand new. While our fords did this: my moms Taurus blew a head gasket and jumped timing at 140k, my dads Taurus is on it's 3rd fuel pump and trans is starting to slip (130k) my grams escort dropped a trans at 130k and my cougar started loosing it's main bearing at 90k. Not that I don't like ford. But I just love chevy. Well that's my chevy story.