Well guys I'm back. Have a 98 Yukon with a 5.7L that wont start. The timing is off one tooth on dist. but before this it was running. I know I am not getting no spark. Just replaced the Ignition coil and control module. The crank sensor is good, has 12volts and 5 cranking volts, according to the GM Service site I was at this is a normal spec. It had a burnt up wire that I replaced and the truck ran fine for a week and no it is doing the same thing over again. I am at a complete loss on this truck. I have sank in over a grand in just parts to get it running only to have it **** up again. I just want to sell the damn thing and get a family sedan. I just need some some ideas of where to check now. The fuel pis is at 64 psi and their is delivery at the throttle body cause you can smell the fuel from under the hood. I was thinking bout resetting the dist to ultimately see if that is the issue, but I have had it for 5 months and it has been running fine the way it was, I even drove it to Enfeild IL bout 6 1/2 hours from my house with no issues. The trans jerks a little but I am told if the dist is set right it will not do that no more. So anybody have any pin pointers I am all hears. Thanks guys