I have a 95 2500 4x4 with the 6.5 TD. It is a great vehicle so far. I live in South Central Michigan and work in the Metro Detroit area. The Burb I picked up had relatively low miles 117K and bought it out of state. It was fortunately not exposed to the MI winters. My dad had a 454 BB in the 70's that my brother drag raced (got caught, but was the nemesis of the would be local kids from stop light to stop light till then). The baby blue Burb flew (my dad was color blind thought it was white). Funny my brother is now a priest! A gear head priest, a good thing!

I work in Safety/Loss control and enjoy working with my kids on vehicles. This is our first foray into Chevy truck territory. We have some old Dodge powerwagons (3) a ramcharger and trailduster that my oldest is restoring. Our last family ride was a Caddy limo with a 350 with headers and a flowmaster exhaust.

Looking forward to being in a great forum!