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    Default Michigan Industrial Tool torque wrenches--good enough?

    Hi All,

    I've been looking around for a torque wrench. Harbor Freight carries a few, and another one I've found are these Michigan Industrial Tool torque wrenches:

    I'm thinking of picking up the a 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" wrenches (the three that come with a red case).

    As best I can tell Michigan Industrial Tool is an Asian import. I haven't been able to find any negative reviews from somebody who actually owns any of their tools, just general negativity about Asian imports--which, I know, is often well-deserved.

    I could go out and spend several hundred dollars on "quality" torque wrenches, but I'm wondering if these would be good enough. They're just going to be used for basic maintenance, like fluid changes and torquing the lug nuts on the wheels.

    They do come with lifetime warranties--but I have no idea how good they are at actually backing up that warranty if you have a problem.

    You can pick these up on for around $30 apiece.

    Anybody here used Michigan Industrial Tools? Anybody think that it would be a better value to spend 5 to 10 times as much for somebody like me, who is probably going to use these tools two or three times per year?

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    I've got a set of Michigan Industrial torque wrench's, I've never had a problem with them.
    I leave them in my Off-road tool/parts box for repairs when out wheeling. I was kind surprised recently while checking their torque value to find out their still pretty accurate after 5 years of bouncing around off-road.

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    I get mine at Sears. Pretty happy with them sofar.

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    Well, I'm in for the MIT wrenches. I got a 3/8" one for free, tested it, and it worked fine. So I'm getting the other two as well. I'll check their accuracy once a year and if they go out of spec, MIT should repair them for free (although I would have to pay postage).

    Another interesting thing happened that won me over. A sales guy at MIT happened to see my forum post and contacted me to say, essentially "we stand behind our product and are confident it will work for you. In fact, we'll send you a torque wrench for free so you can see for yourself." Well, how could I turn that down?

    Once I got the torque wrench I compared it's torque measurements to a Craftsman that a friend of mine has. They both appeared to be calibrated the same, so either they're both good, or they're both off by the exact same amount.

    So, I've ordered the other 1/4" and 1/2" drive wrenches, along with a handful of other sockets and tools I needed, from Boston Industrial (an MIT retail supplier). I can report back on those other wrenches if anybody here is curious how they turn out.

    Incidentally, here's what I've gathered as I've searched for info on MIT torque wrenches. There are basically two classes you can divide up the opinions into:

    1) I have one, it works fine
    2) I don't have one, but I will render a judgment anyway, because anything made in China must be junk. Therefore, MIT torque wrench = junk.

    Seems to me that the people that actually own the product in question are more qualified to make offer an opinion.


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    Which one did you get? Did you get the click type or the metal bar with a pointer at the end type? I personally like the arrow at the end of the pointer type because they tend to hold their accuracy better. I keep one in my truck tool box for those what-if times.
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    Click type. I've been happy with them.

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