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    Angry Frame rusted through

    Howdy, guys, I'm at a crossroads, (2000 silverado 4x4) I have a couple of holes in the lower flange of my frame at the torsion box mounts on the passenger side! can this be repaired or do I need to replace the whole frame?

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    I think you can weld a light truck frame. But it must be done by a skilled and professional shop. Heavy trucks like 18 wheelers have a hardened frames and any welding can destroy that harden steel frame hardness. JMHO
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    It can be repaired, but I'd have an experienced welder do the work.
    Vehicle frames due to their structure when welded on can develop an issue called Hydrogen embrittlement.
    Basically a change in the make-up of the steel and how it reacts to impact and vibration, while not as popular of a problem as it once was Hydrogen Embrittlement still happens, it makes the metal somewhat fragile and very susceptable to vibration cracks. This issue is caused by improper heating and cooling of the metal during welding.
    An experienced welder is going to be aware of these issues and know how to properly handle them.
    Another issue is proper penetration of the welds and correct fusion of the metal being added, again an experienced welder will know how to do this correctly.

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    First things first... What is the condition of the rest of the frame? I would suspect that it's time to replace the truck and move on. Frame repairs are dangerous if not done properly to begin with. The fact that you have this level of damage from rust just makes me believe it isn't worth the risk.
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