Hi guys! I'm a newbie to this site and really appreciate all of the posts and knowledgeable advice!

So here's the deal, I am contemplating buying an 04 truck with the motor as listed above, 190,000 miles on it for $6k (I absolutely digg this motor as it's great on fuel economy for a pickup). The truck is absolutely flawless, very clean and no accidents on carfax. However, I always take any vehicle I consider purchasing to my mechanic for a "Pre-Purchase" inspection. The first thing he did was a cylinder leak down test. The very 1st cylinder had 21% and I could feel a small amount of air as I placed my hand over the filler tube. He then proceeded to do cylinder #2 and it had 16%. He's doing the rest as I type this post. Anyway, here's my question: given the mileage of this motor and the fact that #1 cylinder's rings are certainly "Tired", what's the probability of these motors getting 300,000 miles on them? I know the vortecs are solid and I had one in my new Z71 which I sold after 40K miles. But I am curious from your experience on the longevity of this specific engine?

Lastly, I was looking on-line and see the average price for a new motor is around $2500 +/-... So is this a good "Value" for $6K and if I can squeeze another 100K out of it?