I am curious if anyone else is having any sort of tranny problems with their express vans. Mine Is a 6.0l 3500 2wd 106,000miles. I'm so frustrated this is the 3rd time I need to replace the tranny. I purchased with 60k miles from a dealer and bought a 3rd party warranty with it. At 65k, the tranny made a weird noise mostly in first and second gear and the Chevy dealer said it needed to be rebuilt or replaced. The warranty covered this, but they installed a used tranny not a new one. 1 week after being replaced. It started dumping fluid while I was driving. I took it back, they replaced it again with a different one.

Things were fine for the next 2 years and now I'm at 114k. I didn't drive the van for 5 months and had no tranny problems when I parked it. Started to drive it the other day and in the first few miles I felt the tranny slipping out of gear. The next day it was slipping terribly. Now I have no reverse, and cannot start from a dead stop if the lever is in D, but if I put the lever in 3, it will drive like there's no issue and shift through gears 1-3 without slipping at all. And what's even weirder is if I get to 50+ mph I can put the lever into D and it shifts to 4th and overdrive fine. Slow down to a stop and I have to put it back into 3 or it won't move.

Does anyone have any comments or experienced any sort of issue similar to mine. Do these trannies just suck or am I hitting a string of bad luck?