Hello; I am new to the forum. I joined after some searching on a check engine code; P0442. I have discovered this is a small leak in the emissions setup. I replaced the gas cap with no joy. I am considering the replacement of the vapor canister purge valve. I have the replacement part but it is a bit different from the factory part in that it does not have a long section of hose attached. The factory hose appears to be shrunk over the fitting on the pruge valve.
I have been reading about this replacement and there seem to be some indication that the part should be moved to a different location. Even if I do not change the location, it appears that I will have to cut the existing hose and join the new canister to the hose with a 5/8in heater hose.

I will start with one question with regard to replacing the part and leaving it in the factory location. It seems possible to me that the plastic hose might collapse when squeezed by a hose clamp when attaching a section of rubber hose. Is this an potential issue? If it is, what can be used to reinforce the plastic factory hose from the inside to avoid the collapse?

I have not decided to relocate the part as yet, but welcome any comments as to that procedure.