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    Nice work. Those look painful to install compared to the RAS. The periodic re-torquing, alone, would drive me batty. I hope they fix your issue, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    Nice work. Those look painful to install compared to the RAS. The periodic re-torquing, alone, would drive me batty. I hope they fix your issue, though!
    they werent too bad to install. I will check them at the 500 and probably 3k after that if they didnt need re-torquirn I am pretty sure thats about all I will check.

    Initial impression: The vibration was reduced quite a bit, but not eliminated. The vibration also stops quicker than it did previously. I was really paying attention to it but also was hoping it would work (so there could be a mental side to it too). I will wait for judgement once everything has a chance to settle and break in. I will be driving about 1200-1500 miles next week, which should hopefully give me a better idea of how well they work. There should also be a little light off roading too. If the vibration stays minimal as it is right now I will be happy with these bars at a fraction of the cost of ladder bars.
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    So I have about 1500 miles on the trac bars. The vibration has definately been reduced, but not eliminated as was the initial impression. I am happy with this purchase for the cost/value of the product and what I was wanting. Seemed to have no negative effect on off road capabilities when I was in Northern CA at Christmas.

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    Any idea what's causing the vibration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    Any idea what's causing the vibration?
    I honestly think it be a combination of lift block size, maybe I need to adjust the driveline angle some (maybe I need a different size spacer for the carrier bearing) as I know that I had a shop say that can cause the vibration at takeoff. Heck (knocking on wood) maybe even in the rear end as the gears are the only thing I havent had to have redone on my lift from the place I got it done at. Leaning away from the gears though as its only on takeoff and I shouldnt be making the 4.10's work too hard with the 35's. So main idea is still a little wheel hop or driveline angle vibration. I think there was a little when I initially had it lifted with the 4" block and there was no carrier bearing spacer. The shop I took it back to for repairs added the spacer and it seemed to help then I went and put a 5" blocks and then airbags (which raised it another 1/2" or so with 10psi). I really need to play with it more as I can put the bags around 40+ psi and it seems to reduce it a little more but I dont drive with them that full empty. Also in 4wd I dont think I really notice but cant drive around like that all day either. Its not my daily driver any more so I play with things a little here and there. that being said the bars did make a noticeable difference.

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    As a follow up. I just added another 3/4" of spacers to the carrier bearing (puts total spacing at about 2 1/4"). This seems to have actually fixed my vibration problem. The driveline is now nice and straight but I always hesitated adding to much spacing as I didn't want the angle at the transfer case to be too large. Either way the vibration is gone and the truck seems to get going a little easier too.. I actually removed the trac bars after the spacers worked to soften the back up again (it already is a 3/4 ton with an add a leaf and airbags, so it had gotten very stiff).

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