I have had an idea that chevy should do to make a new pickup, and i think they would make a lot of money and was just wondering what ya'll thought.
This is my proposal, i was thinking that gm should make a pickup that was like the 1947-1953 chevy body style, like this
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then they would make it a 4 door 2 door like this, then an extended cab. There would be a lot of exterior options like instead of rear bumper there would be a roll pan if you want it. then the fenders like are on this would be metal of fiberglass if they wanted to go the cheap way. have paint kind of like what is in the picture with the colors; blue, purple (like a plum color purple), red like so, black, white, pretty much any color, and color combonation. Then i was thinking there would be engine options like 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 454, pretty much those engines. manual or 4l60e tranny or other good transmissions. Then have a special interior something like this: Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	46505 but with captains chairs (bucket seats with arm rests) then have a center council optional with the manual and have it go from the front to the back in a 2dr. Have everything power. have a pioneer touch screen radio. and have it all on an s10 frame with the ez chassis mounting system like so...............
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Also have a good differential no pieces of crap, have loud exhaust from the factory but not real loud just kinda like the thrush welded mufflers. have some wheels like this...........Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	46507 american racing torque thrust wheels or cragar wheels like this.
Also there would be a visor on them a lil shorter that what is on mine or was on mine. then also have some headlight visors for the vehicles.

So in a wrap up i am wondering what you guys think about this idea that i have for general motors to have chevy and GMC pickups like the ones they had back when, just modernize the a bunch. So if you could post your opinion.