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Thread: coolant leak...

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    Exclamation coolant leak...

    The last time I had my 2000 Silverado (4.3 Litre) in the dealership for some work, I was told that my lower intake manifold gasket was leaking. they said it is a "very slow" leak. Is this something to be majorly worried about? I have done majority maintenance/repairs on my truck myself, but I don't think I should try this one. Is it as simple as putting in a bottle of leakstop? Or should I have the gasket replaced? Or just leave it alone?



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    At some point it will get bad enough to need replacing. It is a common problem on the 96-99 5.7's, but I haven't heard much about it on the 4.3's. It's not too tough of a job to do your self, just pay attention to where you take things off and how they were situated and make sure they go back the same.

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT USE LEAKSTOP!!!!!!!!!!
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    Angry Never Ever Use Stopleak, Ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by cao88c View Post
    Whatever you do, DO NOT USE LEAKSTOP!!!!!!!!!!

    It will not only clog up the leak you are trying to clog up but anything else you donít want clogged up.

    In a dire emergency.
    Old school fix that a friend of mine and I were discussing a few days ago was the old egg stop leak trick. Itís been used for a hundred years, is easily flushed out with any common engine flush after a proper repair has been done.

    You need to do it when the engine is cool, obviously. But in a jam it will get you home.

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    those gaskets leak on all those 350's... i havnt heard about the 4.3's having a problem tho... but anyway mines a 95 and i had to replace the gasket a year and a half ago and the new one has already started to leak... it sucks... but you'd might as well get it done because its only gonna get worse.... it will take a while to do it but if you take it to a shop they are gonna charge you out the ass ( I paid almost 800$ to gt mine done cuz it was 8 hours of labor... i regret taking it there haha and i never go there anymore) but jsut take pictures as your doing it and dont lose anything and map where everything goes

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    Thanks for the input everyone.

    I had an estimate of around $500 from my local dealership for the repair...

    I think when it warms up a bit, I might call a few frinds/family members and do it myself. I will definately take pictures and post a few here.

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