so i have purchased my first chevy, 1986 k10 swb 400ci quadrajet 700r4 3.72 12 bolt rolling on 33x10.5 ($800). previous owner gave me another front diff with purchase, i figured out later b/c he had swapped the rear and left the front axle mismatched. he also told me that it was a 350. ran the numbers found out that it was a 1978 400ci. nice truck and all but i perfer diesel, especially idi diesel, for economy and waste oil potential.

i found a 1983 GMC 1500 2wd 6.2l with 63,000 original miles for cheep ($700) so i bought it. what i want to do is swap engines and sell the gmc to make some of my money back.

i know the motor mounts and bolt pattern for the trans are the same, they both have solid true dual exhaust. a good start to a project pile up.

then while cruising craigslist i found a nv3500 5 speed trans that was close and was able to trade for it.

now i am looking to make the 86 a 6.2l 5 speed 4x4.

i can will probably get a new flywheel and clutch b/c used ones are hard to come by/trust. but i am wondering about things like the starter and if the crank on the 6.2 has a hole for a pilot bearing? drive shaft lengths? fuel systems?

i plan on taking the sound deadening material and transplanting it as well as the diesel dash.

am i missing anything? has anyone ran this combo? etc etc

ps i know some think the 6.2l is gutless and bound to blow up. my daily driver at the moment is a 86 vw jetta 1.6l na diesel, thats gutless!