GM in its infinite wisdom, put steel fittings on our lines for the frame mounted fuel filter....
they rusted, and stripped off in the filter's threads leaving a leak.

(if you every go to change your own fuel filter, do it with an EMPTY tank on an incline with the tank below the filter..... or you will take a gas shower)

So im wondering if i can now use an inline steel filter with 3/8 rubber hose.... its 1993 with tbi, so im assuming the fuel pressure is about 15psi?
i feel comfortable with that. but idk how much fuel pressure this pump can put out at red-line ( i like to do burnouts)

do any of you have a non-stock filter plumbed into your truck?
does anyone know the max fuel PSI of these trucks?

please help, i need this fixed this weekend.

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nevermind! lol teflon tape fixed it =)

though this could easily be a big problem in the future or to many of you... so be careful when changing these. im gonna coat the fittings in grease so they dont rust anymore