Today my 18 month old grabbed my keys. He likes to hit the panic button and hear the truck honk in the garage. I quickly took them away and put them out of his reach. Well, after 4 1/2 hours of searching I still can not locate them. Luckily I had a copy made as the truck only came with one key when I bought it. I am having remote start installed on Tuesday so I am not concerned about the key fob.(plus, I have eight of them laying around anyway). There are not any important keys on the ring other than house keys and we have copies of those. I know they are somewhere in the house. Guess I will be having another copy made in the morning. I will share where I find them (if I ever do). I will ask him in the morning, he probably climbed up where I put them and stuck them somewhere else. I figured that you guys probably have some pretty funny stories about misplacing your keys. Whether it be at home like me or out in the middle of no where. Please share your story. One time I lost the key to my sonoma. I could not find it for months. Spring rolled around and I took the dog for a walk. I found the key laying on the ground where I had piled the snow from the driveway all winter. It was there for more than 3 months and did not have any rust on it.