I have returned to stock tires after the POs of my trucks ran oversize (and under-capacity on the pickup) and now my spares don't match. Besides one of the rims is shot.

I figure that if I'm going to carry a spare it should be of matching size so I can mount it on the (limited slip) rear axle if needed and also so I can engage the 4x4 without breaking anything.

So some questions for you all:

- Does anyone have an aluminum wheel for a spare? Because I switch between summer and winter tires I have an extra set of rims, but am concerned about corrosion.

- Is it OK to use a winter tire for a spare in the summer? The rubber is soft. I'm ok with rapid wear if I have to use the spare but don't want a tire that's unsafe on a hot summer's day

Hope you all check that your spares are aired up and that the winch thing still goes up and down.