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    Default What's better? Chevy or Ford?

    Culturally, I am a Chevy only woman. But that also means I've been very ignorant. So statistically, what is better, Chevrolet or Ford Pickups? I mean in terms of who has the truck with the better Gas Mileage, Best top speed, Best towing, etc etc. Not judging from opinions, I know a lot of people will judge by what's happened recently with the bailout and all. Also, what is better, A Chevy Vette/Camaro or Mustang (Shelby or Ford)
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    They all have their merits. It all comes down to what you want and what your preferences are. I don't think that one is any better than the others. One might have a better payload capacity while the other gets better fuel economy... It all comes down to what you like.
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    Good woman! I think it comes down to personal preferences anymore. I have had Fords before and they have their problems as well as the Chevy's or GMC's but I always go back to the GM line. Do know one thing though, can't beat a truck driving woman!

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    Rare is that a woman confesses her faults! Sounds like your better than most, men or women! So "ignorant" while being a proper word context is still a little harsh for you. Keep on Truckin girl!

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    Well it has been proven that the GM 5.3 gets better MPG's then Fords V8.. Ride is also better in the GM's. Top speed Hey it's a Brick on wheels.. Do you need to go over 100MPH? If so then Both should have upgraded parts like Brakes,Sway bars,Tires and more..

    What do you need a truck for? Are you towing? Off roading? Just to be Top Girl in your Hood?
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    There is no one truck that is better than all the rest. There is, however, trucks that are better suited for different people's needs and situations. Exact reason why I have my Tahoe for passenger space, cargo room, going to the 'big cities' around here, as well as the F350 dually, for work days, towing, or sometimes, taking some long trips since the diesel gets better fuel mileage than the Tahoe.

    The Camaro / Mustang debate again is mostly a matter of preference. Ford and Chevy built these cars to compete with one another in the market, so they're going to be comparable. If you're looking for best numbers, then I'm sure you can do a search on that and find all the numbers you need. But really, most of it comes down to preference and needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkeiavalanche View Post
    What do you need a truck for? Are you towing? Off roading? Just to be Top Girl in your Hood?
    Why is it that men always ask girls this question. Can't we have a truck just because we want one??? I have plenty of male friends who have absolutely no reason for a truck, but still have one, and never get asked this question... Just curious why men think its a valid question, that actually deserves an answer...
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    In terms of the Mustang Camaro debate each one wins in different ways. The Camaro ZL1 is better at turning and handling compared to the Mustang while the Mustang is better for raw speed and power. The Camaro has better brakes and better suspension while the Mustang has a more powerful motor.

    I personally believe Chevy trucks are the best on this planet. They are higher quality than Ford but cost less then the comparable model. In the HD to HD videos the Chevy completely out preformed the Ford. Yes the F-150 can tow more than the Silverado 1500, but the Silverado HD's can tow and haul better than any Ford Superduty. To achieve better MPG than Chevy, Ford created the Eco-Boost, but that's a V6 not a V8 and GM plans to build a V8 that will get better MPG than a turbo V6.

    Does Ford build great trucks, hell yah, but they aren't equal to the Chevy's in my opinion. For along time the F-250/F-350 were much better trucks than the Silverado HD's but now not so much. Also Chevy's last a long time, a very long time. I have 198,000+ miles on my truck and still the tranny shifts like new and doesn't burn fluid. My engine even tho currently not running top notch was running like new until a couple months ago.

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    I don't have much brand loyalty, always purchased a truck based on what would do the job and what I could get the best buy on. We have a med. size family ranch/farm operation and a small contracting co. We have several trucks around. I traded off our last Ford pickup yesterday so we now are about equally split between GM and Dodge. We would probably buy a Ford again if it was right for the job and a decent deal. The only bad experience with a Ford was a diesel and that was indeed a BAD experience - unlikely anyone could sell us another Ford diesel.
    As for the Mustang - Camero question - for me - neither one, if I was to buy something like that it would be a Dodge Callenger - not because it's any better or worse, I'd do it just to be different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, I have some fond memories of a 340 Plymouth Duster !, Ken

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    Depends on what year, make. and model. after reading a couple forums you will ge t the idea. You will get a idea of the repairs and really a idea of the cost of each of these repairs.

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