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    Just so some of you know any trailer over 3000LBS should have it's own braking system..

    Ok with that said I would also say what is above. You need a 2500 or better if you are going to keep towing it more then a few hundred miles. The 5th wheels are nice I would just find a nice camp ground and leave it there for the season.

    And Welcome to the site.. Where are you?
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    Look into a Gear Vendor gearbox. It will multiply your trans by 2. Believe me it will make a BIG difference in your towing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4chick View Post
    My truck is just a 2 door extended cab, 5.3L not sure what the transmission is tho. I already have airbags on my truck and electric brakes on the camper. It honestly pulls it quite well but im just worried about blowing my transmission. I don't haul it too far, just looking to see what I can add to it to improve its performance when hauling the beast couple times over the summer. I know im crazy pulling such a heavy load with a small truck but I need to make it work for atleast another year...or two lol. Y'all were great thanks for the tips!
    The issue isn't about how it pulls it, blowing the transmission/motor etc... The issue that its against the law, and dangerous for you, as well as people on the road around you, for you to be pulling such a large/heavy trailer. Braking and handling will be extremely compromised and something can go bad quick... But hey, do what you want. Just let me know what state you live in so I can stay out of it, or watch out for you on the highway.
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    The problem is that the frame, suspension, axles and brakes are different on the larger trucks. Yes, they look alike but the 2500 and 3500 series trucks are completely different underneath.

    In a 2500/3500 series trucks, they use a floating axle so that the load is not on the axle shaft itself, rather, the load is placed on the axle tubes. 1500 series axles and tubes are unable to take those loads. You will break an axle tube or axle shaft causing the wheel to come off.

    The 1500 series trucks have a weaker frame that can easily bend or break under such loads.

    The brakes on the larger trucks are designed to stop loads like these where a 1500's brakes cannot handle the load. You can completely forget about making a panic stop with your truck. Brakes will quickly overheat, fade and become ineffective and you will not be able to stop the vehicle.

    I have seen a guy break his frame in half trying to tow too much. As a firefighter in horse and tobacco country, I have responded to many an accident scene that was caused by improper loading and overloaded equipment. In every case, the insurance company refused to pay out based on improper use of the vehicle. People get sued and lose everything they have over stuff like this.

    The engine and transmission are the least of your concerns here. Buy the proper equipment. That's why they build those trucks! 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks are made to handle these loads, while the 1/2 ton trucks are for hauling yard debris and fertilizer and towing small loads on occasion.
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    Really, if you aren't going very far, very often, buy a cheap older 3/4 ton that is at least mechanically solid with, even if it has body/ surface rust. 1/2 tons just aren't made for towing. But if you do insist on keeping it, better brakes are a must. Safety comes before the longevity of your vehicle.
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    I took the advice and bought a bigger truck! LOL kept the other one to build into a bogger over the summer but purchased a 03 gm 1500HD, 6L with cold air intake and got a steal of a deal! Should do the trick, cant wait til summer!

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    Aren't you in the same boat with the same size truck? Just a larger engine isn't going to help.
    What do you have in your garage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuaT View Post
    Aren't you in the same boat with the same size truck? Just a larger engine isn't going to help.
    I'll play devils advocate. The 1500HD is a 1500 with stronger leafs, axles, tranny, brakes, and engine. The truck has a towing capacity of about 9,900lb and rear axle capacity of 6,000lb. The GCWR is 16,000 with a curb weight of 5,900 so if the trailer is exactly 9,000lb and you are not carring anything extra besides you you are within that.

    Now to my rational side. It still is a 1500 with a 1500 frame just with some 2500 parts to help increase the towing capacity. It will help it a little depending on what packages it has. With a HD towing package the right gears and the better brake package it will tow safer than the other 1500 they have.
    @4x4chick Can you post the RPO codes for the new 1500HD so we can make sure it has the HD brakes or you are still in the same boat just with a more powerful truck. Also does it have the Quadsteer?
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    Sorry if my post seemed like I was being rude, I wasn't. I didn't know that the HD did that much more in towing than the normal one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuaT View Post
    Sorry if my post seemed like I was being rude, I wasn't. I didn't know that the HD did that much more in towing than the normal one.
    You didn't, you had very proper concerns. A 1500HD is still a 1500 just with some 2500 parts. She isn't really upgrading in the real world just on paper.

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