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There is also a rule of thumb regarding tire width as it relates to rim width. I can't remember exactly what it is (someone will probably respond with the info if you need it) but I think if the tire is 4 1/2" wider than the rim, that may be too much and you'll have to change rims as well.
The best rule of thumb is to check with the manufacturer as to the maximum size tire for which a wheel is designed ... and stay within that spec.

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The truck is a 1500 with stock gears and axles, there's 186k on the truck now and hasn't had any problems as far as axles go, thanks for the help
You haven't stressed it, yet. If you move to shorter gears to restore lost torque and add even more stress with 37's (heavier than your 35's) and then go wheel it in mud pits or the like because you have the 37's to do it ... the axle and diff will be at risk, as what's in a 1500 is lighter duty than what's in 2500's. That's all I was trying to warn you about. If you just want a pavement monster you should have no problems...