I wanna talk lifts for these trucks
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See, i understand that the most we lift these trucks, with stock equipment, would be 3" - torsion keys in the front, and blocks in the back
although, blocks can be dangerous if you do any serious driving or off-roading. they can crack and/or the bolts can sheer

if you go 4" or more, you need to get a frame brace to relocate the A-arms to still allow for proper alignment. and overall, your ground clearance does not improve much in the front. also, then your talking $xxxx kinds of money in equipment, springs, and new shocks!

SO, what kinds of lifts have been done to your 4WD rigs?
suburban, 2-door, or pickup, doesn't matter.
What have you done, and what do you like and dislike about it?
what would you WANT to do, and why?

Right now, i dont like how the ass end sits lower than the front when i pack in the spare tire with a full tank of gas!!! lol i swear that spare is full of water... weighs a ton