NEW Mechman 270amp High Output Alternator -- Mechman makes the best High Output alternators -- Fits many other vehicles, but mostly GM vehicles with 2 pin connector. Will not fit GM with 4 pin connector. With Alternators, you get what you pay for. After I closed my shop, I was not able to retain my dealer status with Mechman or any other manufacturer so I had to purchase this from a friend in the industry; from Chet Williams at Cayenne Car Audio in McKinney, TX. I totaled my truck before the alternator arrived unfortunately. The alternator has a two year warranty. I would highly doubt you would need to service this alternator as when I had my car audio shop, I never had a customer come back to send a Mechman alternator in for repair. I also sold Stinger Alternators and I had to send in two for repair. I sold more Mechman alternators than Stinger alternators due to price and durability. Mechman has made a name for themselves in the car audio industry for car audio enthusiast and car audio competitors. For repairs or replacement, Cayenne Car Audio will take care of it!

Purchased Price: $489.99 + Shipping
Sale Price: $420