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Thread: Heater Fan

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    Default Heater Fan

    My heater fan has stopped working on speed number 1 & 2. 3 thru 5 works fine . Where is the speed control unit located on a 2001 2500HD, 8.1l gas?

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    The speed control resistor assembly is usually mounted very near the blower motor, try under the dash, behind the glove box.

    If you have the manual controls, there are usually two fuses for the blower motor. One fuse is for speeds 1 thru 4, the other is for speed 5 only (the auto systems usually only have one fuse). If you find the 1 thru 4 fuse is blown, the resistor pack is probably the problem and it will eventually need to be changed.

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    The resistor is located under th dash and no need to pull the glove box. Sou fd like a bad resistor and its vet common for these connectors to melt. What ur looking for is a connector with like 7 wires all in a line that goes to the resistor. The resistor will also have a red and a black wire that goes to the motor too

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    I replaced this on the 2000 siL. the location is next to the blower motor under the dash behind the glove box. the air cabin filter is also located there. I would pull uut the blower clean and debris , replace the cabin filter and also the air box that you can get at. the resistor is also the relay parts. the resistors stick into the air box.

    do not get the OEM design purchase the lifetime warrantee part from autozone. it has been a few years now and this part still works great. the OEM resistor became damaged from the mositure in the air box circuit/resistors not protected very low design quality.

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    Look it up on youtube. Took 15 minutes to do the job. Bought a new one @ Advanced Auto parts for around $30.00
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