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Thread: gas milage???

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    Unhappy gas milage???

    I have a 6.0 liter gas averaging 13 +/- on freeway and 9 or 10 in town any one know how to get better milage out of it. ( i know i know leave it in the driveway but thats not what I am looking for) I already drive like an old lady because of the price of gas.

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    Default gas

    i need an answer to this question too, i have an 07 burban and im only gettin 11mpg the guy at the dealership says after break in, about 7k (trucks only got 4.5k on it) it will get better, i dunno about that though

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    Not really, these large vehicles love gas, especially the 6.0's. Mileage / performance does normally improve after they are broken in though. A custom tune for mileage might also help, but also might not. Depends on your vehicle, how you drive, other mods, etc.

    Otherwise, just the usual things you hear about all the time, drive slower, check air pressure, ensure vehicle is well maintained, alignment, dont' carry extra weight, buy a smaller vehicle, etc.

    2009 GMC Sierra Denali AWD

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    Hey I've got an 07 NBS Sierra with the 4.8 and I avg 11.8 MPG city with 32" tires. I installed a Hypertech Max energy programmer and gained 3mpg. So that about a 25% increase.

    2007 GMC Sierra CrewCab 4.8L
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    96 Chevy Camaro. My first car modded for a High School kid.

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    Nice, guess those Hypertech ad's I keep seeing about MPG increases are actually true.

    Did you drive any differently with Hypertech vs. stock? And how do you normally drive?

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    Sayward, B.C Canada


    I've driven exactly the same way since the programmer. This was really important for me to do because I wanted to get as close as possible driving conditions to get the most accurate read out. I sit in traffic alot and don't get to do much highway driving at all. I guess I'm pretty heavy on the gas. Most times from a start i'm hitting 1900-2500 rpm in first and second. I'm hoping this will go down with the new gears . Right now I'm running my tank to empty because my next fill up will be with 93 to test the performance tune.

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    Where do you do most of your driving?
    What gears are in the axles now?

    Depending on what gears you now have :
    If most of your driving is done on the highway you could go to a lower numerical gear and improve mileage.
    If in town a higher numerical gear.

    From experience with the 6ltr engine it loves fuel. I know some that have been able to squeeze out 2-3 mpg better by using tuners, new exhaust, better air filters, new gear ratios, and a soft right foot. The expense of these additions is high and take a long time to recoupe on fuel mileage.
    Unfortunately at this time there's no one that has figured a guaranteed method to improve MPG and retain performance with this particular engine.

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    I've got a 2007 Suburban with the 5.3L V8. I'm getting 12.4 MPG in the city and around 15-17 MPG on the highway. Really sucks intown but what can you do. I've noticed you can buy "chips" on e-bay that will increase your horsepower and also increase your gas miliage. I've always wondered about them. I'm guessing they can't be too good for the engine. There's a reason the fuel settings are set the way they are. I'm afraid if I mess with it something else will break down.

    I don't complain too much about my gas miliage. I knew going into the purchase I'd be paying more a month for gas. Something you have to live with I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgrs7 View Post
    I don't complain too much about my gas miliage. I knew going into the purchase I'd be paying more a month for gas. Something you have to live with I guess.

    As for the eBay stuff, just avoid them. Most are just cheap gadgets they use to "trick" certain sensors that really won't help anything. Best case senario is that you won't break anything with that stuff. Just stick with the well known tuners.

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    Default gas

    ive got an 07 burban and im only getting 11-12 highway and around town, the guy at the dealership told me after the engine breaks in it will get better

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