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    Question 2012 Silverado Duramax - Did your truck come with a Duramax Owners Supplement?

    Earlier this month I purchased a 2012 Silverado Duramax 4x4 truck.

    When I got home I started reading the owners manual. I quickly noticed as I read that it referred me to the Duramax owners manual supplement. I checked all around and I did not have one. When I e-mailed the dealership about the owners manual supplement at first they thought i was asking about some kind of fluid. FInally on the third e-mail I "THINK" they got what I was asking and repled that the 2012s did not have them. Now why would a owners manual refer to you a Duramax Owners Manual Supplement if there was not one?

    Is there anyone else out there with a 2012 Silverado Duramax and do you have the supplement? If you have one PLEASE reply and state so, even better would be if you reply with a picture of yours just so I can share it with Chevrolet.

    (I called another dealership and they said my truck should have one. They told me if the dealership I purchased it from would not give me one to call customer service and get them involved. WOW, I am VERY unimpressed by customer service. I could immediately tell I was speaking to someone with a language barrier and figured out they were in the Phillipines (I trained some people from the Phillipines to take my job when I worked for Lexmark). They took a while to get them to understand what I needed. And then instead of being able to followup with Chevrolet all they did was call the dealership that told me there was not a Duramax manaul and they took their word for it. WTF! (Same dealership that said my truck didn't have the heater cord and it did) Very frustrated. Still liking my truck thus far though. I would feel a LOT better if I had a the duramax manual though since I have had all Dodge Diesels since 2002.

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    I don't see one for 2012, on the GM site, here is a link to the one for 2011:

    '09 Avalanche LTZ - Black
    '05 Envoy XL (sold)

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    Thanks, I found that one as well - but did the truck come with one in it? ..even if it was a 2011 one. I can't see a truck being put out without a manual supplement for that truck which the owners manual refers to as if it should be there. I just want to find out did they really put a entire model year without putting the supplement in the truck.

    and 2 I'd like to have the proper hardcopy in my truck to record service records etc. in as I have with my past trucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E_HILLMAN View Post
    and 2 I'd like to have the proper hardcopy in my truck to record service records etc. in as I have with my past trucks.
    If I remember, at the back of the owner's manual, there is an address for Helm's, they provide all manuals. There may be an email address, or a phone number to call.

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    Thanks RayVoy, The dealership is now going to mail me a 2013 manual (hope it is pretty close to the same :-/ )

    I still would like to know from any other 2012 Duramax owner - (Did your truck come with a Duramax Owners Manual Supplement?)

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    My 2012 Silverado 2500HD came with a duramax insert. I'm looking for an electronic copy and came across your thread. Sounds like a ****ty dealership experience for sure. I have no issues with my dealership so far and even had them replace the front bumper under warranty because the chrome was starting to flake off.

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    THANKS jjw34!
    Hopefully you saw RayVoy's link above to the 2011 Manual which should be the same as the 2012 and 2013 models. After I pressed they did finally send me a 2013 manual. Could you please post a photo of the one you have as that would be great to send back to them. lol

    Yes overall the dealership experience was VERY chitty. From telling me the truck had a couple features (like remote start) on it that it didn't have (luckily to me they were not deal breakers and I had a dealership in KY install the next week) to having issues with them on tax forms that I first had to convince them they needed to fill out and notarize which they said they would mail to me, then didn't cause they reconvinced themselves they didn't need to, to then being at my county clerk's office and being told I could not title my truck without them. argh lol Having them tell me my truck didn't have a block hearter cord when I asked them if it did and if they could pull it out for me then finding it did have one. They did not contact DMV about my truck plate as they didn't give me a temp tag and just sent me on with my old truck's tag to not contacting the Insurange company as they said they would either. Glad I got my truck, I did get a price that I think was reasonable. (if I had waited till Jan I would have gotten a better deal because of the GM kickback) So I am happy to be done with that place and happy that the dealership in the town where I work seems to have a good service department.
    Buy Made in USA, The job you save just might be your own.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1791.jpg 
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ID:	48059
    This is the book that came with my Silverado.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Found the link for the 2012 version... just scroll down and click the download button for the .pdf file.

    Hope it helps ya!!

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    Awesome, thank you thank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank you

    - - - Updated - - -

    ...and for anyone wondering what dealership had this horrible of customer service it is York Chevrolet in Brazil Indiana.

    The real kicker is I didn't give any zeros on my survey so not sure what he is talking about there. But here is his response when I sent him the photo of the 2012 manual. (still in denial) Customer is always wrong with these guys. They said I was wrong about what my clerks office needed to title the truck I got them to fill out the form with me and then they discarded it instead of just notarizing it and mailing it to me then argued with me via e-mail that it was not needed and told me to go to my clerks office as they would take care of it and when i got there ...imagine that, I needed it and had to wait for them to fill it out and refax it. At least I know who NOT to get a truck from next go around. My wife is due for a new SUV and we have several trucks on the farm due. ...NONE will come from York you can bet on that.

    --- On Tue, 1/15/13, Nick McKinney at York Chevrolet <> wrote:

    From: Nick McKinney at York Chevrolet
    Subject: RE: Re: Hello
    To: e_hillman
    Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 3:18 PM

    We have talked to our rep which was here today from Genral Motors. He also informed us there was not an actual manual. He and Rob were able to discuss your survey that we recieved, and we were able to explain our side of the situation with the manual,and all of your answers on your survey which were marked as zero's. We also wanted to thank you for the pdf file that we already knew about that we offered you but you wanted an actual manual.

    Thanks have a great day,

    Nick McKinney
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    York Chevrolet Buick
    2456 West US Highway 40 Brazil, IN 47834

    --- original message ---

    From: Hillman, Eric
    Sent: 1/15/2013 8:44 AM
    To: ;n.mckinney.yorkchevrolet
    Subject: Re: Hello

    Just a FYI feel free to forward to your customer service contact.

    I finally got a photo of one from a guy, this is what he said came in his 2012 Silverado Duramax.


    (photo was attached here)
    This is the book that came with my Silverado.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Buy American, The job you save just might be your own.

    --- On Fri, 12/28/12, Nick McKinney at York Chevrolet

    From: Nick McKinney at York Chevrolet
    Subject: Hello Eric
    Date: Friday, December 28, 2012, 10:30 AM

    I just got off of the phone with gm and they even said that there was not a supplement book on the 12 2500s. So I ordered you a 13 and will send it to you.

    Best Regards,
    Nick McKinney
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    York Chevrolet Buick
    2456 West US Highway 40 Brazil, IN 47834

    York Chevrolet
    2456 W. US Hwy 40
    Brazil, IN 47834

    York Chevrolet
    2456 W. US Hwy 40
    Brazil, IN 47834

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    1-21-2012 Follow-up

    Well, once the USA GM reps became involved everything clicked. They got everything lined up, confirmed the truck should indeed have a manual and also spoke to me about the third brake light lense that I had that was cracked. They made York Chevrolet send me a 2012 Duramax owners manual. They also told me to take the truck in for the brake light lense. ( I told them I could not prove it was that way when I got the truck and they said it would be fine). Sure enough the Service dept at Rod Hatfield took one look at it and said they would replace under warranty and they had one in stock so all is good there now too. Guess now my thread about that doesn't matter. What a wonderful experience with this version of customer service. I can tell you with Chrysler (as of late) it would have never went this well. Not only did they resolve my issues in a caring and expedient manner but they also gave me $100 toward my next service bill (could apply to service or dealer installed parts accessories) at any GM dealership, and told me I would not ever have to deal with York Chevrolet again. Big thanks to Ariana @ GM customer service for providing top notch service.

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