I've got a 2010 Chevy Traverse 1LT and I have just the plain 2-button keyless entry system that only locks & unlocks the doors. It works fine, but I want more!

So, I'm starting to research getting the factory OEM keyless entry system that has buttons for Remote Start and also the Power Liftgate. I'm not saying that I'm going to add these, but I just want to see what it will cost to move from the 2-button lock/unlock keyless entry system to the more robust 4-button lock/unlock, remote start with power liftgate keyless entry system.

I'm reaching out to my OEM Chevy Parts guys right now and have asked them what it will cost and what I will have to do. Since I don't actually have the power liftgate (which I miss having!), I will have to add in the motor for this and the front control switch. I've heard rumors that the remote starter is actually much different (but I have not confirmed this yet) so I assume that I replacing the starter might have to be done, and that might be too costly and would be a deal breaker for me.

In any case, I'll update this first post with my findings as I learn more. Anyone with CHEVY TRAVERSE experience or CHEVY OEM SYSTEMS UPGRADING is invited to reply to this post. Please do not reply with something like "Why would you want to do that!?" -- that will be deleted.