12/27/2012 2:29:38 AM
Hello everyone i am named Magic.
I am in Southwestern Ontario Canada.
I have a`97 chev ck 1500 4x4, 4.3 L, 5 speed standard on floor
There seems to be several issues that I cannot seem to find repairs for.
The gas meter reads faulty , when it s emty it only reads half full, heater works only on high speed and bails out when I hit bump on the road, and wipers will only work on high speed but some times will work on intermittent if I mess with the switch a bit .
Iíve replaced the sending unit in the gas can (well not I, but mechanic) and no change.
Can any one give suggestive solution to any of these problems.
I have lost some confidence in my mechanic as Iíve spent $ 600.00 into the gas can already
Many thanks in advance